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Events: Our events cover a variety of issues, venues and formats. We take account of regional sensitivities such as language, economic disparities or fiscal federalism, and company visits are a recurring item of our schedule. Topics addressed will generally relate to politics, international relations, higher education, legal affairs, finance, economics, trade, investment, research, technology and innovation, the environment, arts and entertainment.
Members Interests: The Ticino Chapter is widely recognized as an independent and neutral platform used to disseminate general business-related information. Thanks to contacts within the Chamber and outside (public administration at all levels, Chamber federations, diplomatic circles, other economic organizations), specific issues are identified and discussed. Where possible, viable solutions are quickly presented and their implementation vigorously pursued. Effective communication is used throughout, leveraging, where appropriate, on systematic media relations work.
“Business Location Ticino”: Geographically, Ticino is as a wedge extending into Lombardy, a densely populated plain and one of Europe’s most productive regions. For centuries, one of the main North-South transport routes across the centre of Europe has operated on its territory, oftentimes challeging unpredictable forces of nature. The Swiss "lifestyle business location" strives to continually adapt and enhance its economic competitiveness. A study by USI (Università della Svizzera Italiana) suggests that moderate taxation, skilled and motivated human resources and the availability of quality international schools are the most relevant factors considered by international companies to choose and maintain a presence in Ticino.
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