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Market Overview
  • Switzerland's population of 8.54 million is cosmopolitan
  • GDP of about USD 678.9 billion
  • U.S. exports in goods to Switzerland in 2018 valued at about USD 22.2 billion
  • World-class infrastructure, business-friendly legal and regulatory environment
  • Highly educated, reliable, and flexible work force
  • Consumer and producer of high quality, value-added industrial/consumer goods
  • Manufacturing sector is highly automated and efficient
  • Strong market demand for U.S. components and production systems
  • Strong demand for high quality products with competitive prices
    Market Challenges
  • Market is sophisticated, quality-conscious, high tech and competitive
  • Must enter Swiss market early to be competitive throughout Europe
  • An epicenter of European and global competition
  • EU regulations and standards including packaging and labeling
  • Unique Swiss requirements for medications, cosmetics, detergents, and chemicals
    Further Information
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    Statistical Information about Switzerland and its Cantons
  • Switzerland Global Enterprise
    Enabling new business
  • The World Factbook: Switzerland
    Facts and Figures about Switzerland from the CIA
  • U.S. Commercial Service (U.S. Government’s Official Web Portal)
    Key Figures about Switzerland, import/export information
  • UBS: Switzerland in Figures (.pdf)
    Key figures on Switzerland, comparison table (by countries, by cantons), ...
  • US Embassy Bern: Living in Switzerland
    General information on Living in Switzerland (Automobiles, Banks, Churches, Climate, Cost of Living,
    Currency, Customs Duty, Electricity, Entrance Requirements, Holidays, Housing, Languages, Legal Aid, List
    of Personal Records, Medical Assistance, Driving
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  • WHERE AMERICANS ARE WELCOME - Swiss Wealth Management for US Clients