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Switzerland - Why?
  • Updated Presentation on why we say: "Switzerland - the best place to do business"
  • Excerpt of the Transatlantic Economy 2011 survey
    Switzerland - Hub of Europe
    An Attractive Base for Regional Headquarters
    What do top executives of American companies located in Switzerland think?

    " To ensure a neutral point of view, business headquarters should be located far from large markets and large production sites: Switzerland is a perfect choice."
    David Meline, Chief Financial Officer,
    General Motors Europe

    "The Swiss workforce is highly motivated - a benefit for all businesses."
    Richard Neff, Chief Executive Officer
    GE Consumer Finance (Switzerland)

    "Swiss authorities are partners for foreign companies - they try to simplify administrative processes as much as they can."
    Tony Fitzpatrick, Vice President Supply Chain
    Baxter Healthcare

    "Switzerland offers foreign companies significant advantages, e.g. a highly international and well educated work force, a flexible labor market and tax system, excellent infrastructure, and exceptional quality of life."
    Jesper Hoiland, Senior Vice President Industrial Operations,
    Novo Nordisk Europe

    "Geneva has been home to HP's headquarters for 25 years. Switzerland has been a key part of our identity and we are really planning to stay!"
    Bernard Meric, Senior Vice President Europe,
    Middle East and Africa, Hewlett-Packard International

    "The train system in Switzerland is excellent. This contributes to the high-quality business life here."
    Bernerd Grimm, General Manager,
    Abbott Switzerland

    The Most Competitive European Country
  • Switzerland provides an unsurpassed infrastructure for companies operating in the greater European area. An annual study of country competitiveness consistently ranks Switzerland among the top 10 countries in the world.
  • Switzerland ranks number one globally in terms of productivity, and among the top five in terms of management efficiency and cost of capital/rate of return.
  • Many leading U.S. companies such as DuPont de Nemours, Medtronic, Silicon Graphics, General Motors, Dow Chemical, Hewlett Packard, Philip Morris, Procter & Gamble, and Caterpillar Overseas have chosen Switzerland as the center for their international activities.
  • 7.7 million
  • Four national languages: German (65%), French (18%), Italian (10%), Rhaeto-Romansh (1%)
  • English is widely spoken.
  • Switzerland ranks among the global leaders in terms of government efficiency and in terms of social and political stability. Authorities are accessible and reasonable when asked to respond to needs.
  • The Government is headed by a seven-person Federal Council elected by the Federal Parliament. Federal Councilors have equal power and represent a coalition of the leading parties.
  • The Parliament is composed of a Council of States and a 200-member National Council.
    The Swiss franc is one of the world’s strongest currencies. The country’s Central Bank is independent and committed to keeping prices stable.
    Business Environment and Taxes
    The regulatory environment is reasonable and business-friendly. Tax rates compare favorably with those in other European countries. Tax incentives are available for headquarters activities and new investments. An extensive tax treaty network makes Switzerland an ideal center for financial holdings.
    Switzerland is one of the world’s major financial centers. Its banking system is internationally recognized for the quality of its services. The Stock Market is the third largest in Europe, based on the value of equity trading.
    Switzerland is among the top five countries globally in R&D spending. It has the highest number of patent registrations per capita in the world.
    International Relations
  • Due to the small size of its home market, Swiss business has always been international, resulting in an extensive network of commercial and tax treaties.
  • Switzerland ranks among the global leaders in terms of foreign direct investments and international or regional headquarters companies.
    The United States and Europe
  • Switzerland is at the center of Europe. The European Union is its largest trading partner. A comprehensive bilateral treaty with the European Union has been signed which further integrates Switzerland into the European market.
  • Close economic and cultural ties are a distinctive feature of the Swiss-U.S. relationship.
  • Many American companies use Switzerland as a base to manage their Eastern European business.
    Human Resources
    Swiss quality enjoys worldwide recognition. It is the result of a good educational system, a strong work ethic and co-operative industrial relations.
    Educational System
    Switzerland ranks among the top five globally in terms of educational structures. The country enjoys high standards of education at all levels. Universities offer well regarded advanced degrees and polytechnic universities are world known for their research. Many business leaders have advanced degrees from U.S. universities.
    Industrial Relations
  • Switzerland’s labor laws provide much greater flexibility than in other European countries.
  • Trade unions are reasonable. Strikes and other business disruptions are almost non-existent.
    Work Ethic
    Swiss employees average a 40-plus hours work-week and are known for their dedication. Switzerland ranks among the top ten countries world-wide in terms of the attitude of its workforce.
    Work Permits
    Work permits are available for executives and qualified personnel. The Bilateral Agreement with the EU (awaiting ratification) stipulates free movement of labor.
  • Airports in Zurich, Geneva and Basel are efficient, easily accessible and offer direct daily flights to all major European cities in less than two hours.
  • A reliable rail network links cities and towns throughout the country.
  • Switzerland also offers excellent freight handling capabilities with freeport facilities.
  • Commutes in Switzerland are short, seldom exceeding 30 minutes door-to-door.
    Mail and Telecommunications
    Switzerland has efficient postal service and high quality telecommunication systems, including both governmental and private providers. Services are comprehensive and rates are internationally competitive.
    Quality of Life
    Switzerland’s natural beauty and wide variety of sports and cultural activities assure a quality of life difficult to match elsewhere in Europe. Swiss cities offer excellent dining and accommodation opportunities, shopping and a stimulating international living environment.
    In addition to the excellent Swiss school system, American and international curricula are available in most commercial centers.
    Personal Safety
    Switzerland is one of the safest countries to live in. A recent survey also ranked the country among those with the lowest level of corruption in the world.