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Setting up a business 
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Switzerland Global Enterprise - enabling new business
German Part of Switzerland
Appenzell Inner Rhodes - Business Development Agency
Appenzell Outher Rhodes - Business Development Agency
Argovia - Office for Economic Promotion
Basel (both city and country) - Basel Area Business Development
Berne - Berne Economic Development Agency
Glarus - Economic Development of Canton Glarus
Grisons (The) - Office for Economics & Tourism
Lucerne - Business Development Agency Canton Lucerne
Nidwalden - Economic Development of Canton Nidwalden
Obwalden - Economic Development of Canton Obwalden
Schaffhausen - Economic Promotion of Canton Schaffhausen
Schwyz - Business Promotion Canton Schwyz
Solothurn - Economic Development Agency of the Canton of Solothurn
St. Gallen - Business Development Agency St. Gallen
Thurgovia - Economic Development Office
Uri - Economic Development Office
Zug - Department of Economic Affairs Canton of Zug
Zurich - Greater Zurich Area
Zurich - Office of Economy and Labor of Canton of Zurich
French Part of CH
General - Greater Geneva Berne Area
Fribourg - Fribourg Development Agency
Geneva - Economic Development Office Canton of Geneva
Jura - Administration Cantonale Jurassienne
Neuch√Ętel - Neuch√Ętel Economic Development
Valais- Business Development Agency
Vaud - Development economic - State of Vaud (DEV)
Italian Part of Switzerland
Ticino - Amministrazione Cantonale - Consiglio di Stato (only Italian)
Ticino Business and Investment Promotion Agency