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Date: July 2009 (update)
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Most common
German English
Präsident des VR
- Chairman of the Board of Directors
- Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
(if in charge of the complete business
Präsident der GD oder KL
- President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
- President and Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Generaldirektor Executive Vice President
Direktor Senior Vice President
Stv. Direktor First Vice President
- Vice President
- Assistant Vice President, ...
(if this title is used, a function specification must be
applied (e.g. Vice President - Marketing))
... Holding AG
Board of Directors (Verwaltungsrat)
German English
Präsident des Verwaltungsrates
- Chairman of the Board of Directors
- Chairman of the Board; or simply Chairman
Vizepräsident des Verwaltungsrates
- Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors
- Vice Chairman of the Board
- Vice Chairman
Delegierter des Verwaltungsrates
- Chief Executive Officer and Member of the Board of Directors
Uncommon: Managing Director, Managing Director
and CEO
Never: Delegate of the Board
Mitglied des VR-Ausschusses Member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors
Mitglied des Verwaltungsrates Member of the Board of Directors; Director
Konzernleitung Holdingstufe;
Vorsitzender der Konzernleitung
President and Chief Executive Officer
- Chief Executive Officer
- President; Chairman of the Executive Committee
- Chairman of the (Group) Executive Board
Mitglied der Konzernleitung
- Member of the Executive Committee
- Member of the (Group) Executive Board
- Executive Vice President (EVP)
Mitglied der Konzernleitung - Finanzen
- Member of the Executive Committee and Chief Financial Officer
- Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
- Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
- President of .... Division/Group
- President .... Group
- Group .... President
- Head .... Division; auch möglich: Executive Vice President and Head .... Division/Group
... AG (Parent Company in Switzerland)
Corporate Staff (Konzernstab)
German English
Group Controller
- Controller
- Corporate Controller
- Group Controller
Leiter Finanzwirtschaft Konzern Finanzdirektor
- Chief Financial Officer
- Director Corporate Finance and Treasury
- Treasurer
- Head of Corporate Finance
Revisor / Auditor
- Auditor
- Internal Auditor
- Corporate Auditor
Konzernjurist; Zentralsekretär
- General Counsel
- Corporate Counsel
- Corporate Secretary
Leiter Human Resources,
- Director of Human Resources
- Chief Human Resource Officer
- Vice President Human Resources
Leiter Informatik
- Chief Information Officer
- Chief Information Officer
- Director/Vice President Information Systems
- Head of Information Systems
Leiter Fabrikplanung / Organisation
- Director of Planning and Organization
- Head of Planning / Organization
Leiter Qualitätssicherung
- Director Quality Assurance
- Head of Quality Assurance
Division / Group (Konzernsparte)
German English
- President of ... Division/Group
- Head of ... Division/Group
- Executive Vice President and Head of ...
- Controller ... Division
- Group Controller
- Division Controller
Sparten Produktmanager
- Product Manager ... Division/Group
- Vice President Product Management ... Division/Group
Leiter Forschung und Entwicklung
- Director of Research and Development ... Division/Group
- Vice President Research and Development ... Division/Group
- Director of Marketing ... Division/Group
- Vice President Marketing ... Division/Group
Leiter Kundendienst
- Director Customer Services ... Division/Group
- Vice President Customer Services ... Division/Group
- Director Export - .... Division/Group
- Vice President Export …. Division/Group
Leiter Beschaffung
- Procurement Director;
- Head Procurement
- Vice President Procurement
... (USA) Inc. (company subsidiary in the U.S.)
Most common
German English
Vorsitzender der Geschäftsleitung; Geschäftsführer
- President and Chief Executive Officer
- President
Geschäftsführer (kleine Unternehmen) General Manager
Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung
- Executive Vice President
- Vice President
Mitglied des Geschäftsleitungsausschusses Member of the Executive Committee
Spartenleiter (lokal)
- President of .... Division
- President ... Group
- Head of ... Division
- Chief Financial Officer
- Vice President - Finance
Leiter Finanz und Administration Vice President - Finance and Administration
Leiter Personal und Dienste
- Vice President - Human Resources and Services
- Vice President - Human Resources and Administration
- Director Human Resources and Administration
- Vice President - Sales
- Sales Director
Leiter Technik & Produktion
- Vice President - Technology and Production
- Vice President - Manufacturing
Kaufmännischer Leiter
- Vice President Marketing and Chief Financial Officer
Leiter Logistik
- Vice President - Logistics
Leiter Verkauf Export
- Vice President - Export Sales
- Vice President - Exports
- Director Export Business
Leiter Informatik/Ablauforganisation
- Vice President - Management Information Systems
Division / Group in the U.S.
German English
lokaler Spartenleiter
- President of .... Division/Group
- Head of .... Division/Group
- Vice President and Division General Manager
Verkaufsleiter (Produktgruppe)
- Sales Director - .... Division
- Sales Manager - .... Products
lokaler Spartencontrolle
- Business Controller
- Division Controller
- Branch Controller
lokaler Produktmanager
- Division/Group Product Manager
- ... Branch Marketing Manager
lokaler Administrator
- Administration Manager
- Administrator
- Director of Administration
Management of Department in the U.S.
German English
Leiter Einkauf / Logistik
- Director Purchasing/Logistics
- Manager Procurement and Logistics
Leiter Arbeitsvorbereitung Manager/Director Production Planning
Leiter Produktion
- Manager/Director of Manufacturing
- Plant Manager
Leiter Spedition
- Shipping Manager
- Manager Shipping Department
Regionaler Verkaufsleiter
- Regional Sales Manager
- Regional Sales Director
Leiter Qualitätswesen
- Manager Quality Control
- Director Quality Control/Assurance
Leiter Produktionstechnik
- Manager/Director Production Technology
- Manager/Director Production Engineering
Leiter Informatik Manager/Director Information Systems
Leiter Werbung
- Advertising Manager
- Advertising Director
Leiter Verkaufsadministration
- Manager Sales Administration
Leiter Personalbüro
- Personnel Manager
- Manager Human Resources
Leiter Finanzbuchhaltung
- Manager Finance and Control
- Finance Manager
- Manager of Accounting
Leiter Betriebliches Rechnungswesen
- Manager Cost Accounting
Project Team in the U.S.
German English
- Project Manager
- Project Leader
Meister Supervisor
Meister-Vorarbeiter Foreman
German English
- person in charge
- desk officer
- technical specialist
- technician
- account manager
- staff member
- salaried employee
- white collar worker
- hourly employee
- factory worker
- blue collar worker
- unskilled worker
- laborer
Temporärer Arbeiter
- temporary worker
- temporary employee
Prokurist; Handlungsbevollmächtigter Not applicable in the USA. There is no equivalent Commercial Registry existing in the U.S. where an authority to sign is defined.
Wirtschaftsprüfer Certified Accountant
Gründungspartner Founding Partner