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›  Swiss Amcham co-signatory on COP26 statement
›  New details regarding travelling to the USA
›  Exploring Opportunities and Challenges of Swiss Companies in the U.S.
›  Future of Swiss companies in the USA - media release
›  Media Release
›  Myth and Fantasy in Joe Biden's Address to the Joint Session of Congress
›  Swiss Amcham joins large coalition to restore air travel (press release)
›  Swiss Amcham joins large coalition to restore air travel (flyer)
›  The US Market: Switzerland's Export Locomotive
›  U.S. Treasury labels Switzerland a currency manipulator - let's not get overly excited!
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Events Switzerland
, Geneva
Blaise Goetschin, CEO, Banque Cantonale de Genève (BCGE)
, Zurich
Pandemic Times - Some Insight with Hindsight
, Geneva
Børge Brende, President, World Economic Forum
, Zurich
Paul Bulcke, Chairman of the Board, Nestlé S.A.
, Zurich
Peter Voser, Chairman, ABB Ltd.
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Events USA
Feb. 2, San Francisco
Stammtisch at Menlo Park
May 11, San Francisco
Stammtisch in San Francisco
Sept. 14, San Francisco
Stammtisch in San Francisco
Nov. 9, San Francisco
Stammtisch in San Francisco
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›  Yearbook 2021/2022
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›  Business News No. 406
›  Business News No. 405
›  Business News No. 404
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›  Swiss Amcham eNews - Sept 2021
›  Swiss Amcham eNews - July 2021
›  Swiss Amcham eNews - April 2021
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›  Economics of change: Exploring opportunities and challenges of Swiss companies in the U.S.
›  Switzerland needs global talent: New joint Deloitte-Swiss Amcham study
›  Switzerland Wake Up
›  The Swiss Aviation Ecosystem
›  Jobs Now: New study on CH-style Vocational Education and Training
›  Clarity on Business Location Switzerland
Other Publications
›  Crazy Country USA
›  Great publication on Swiss direct investments in the USA
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